As I write this (early Tuesday morning) things are coming together for the road trip to Hamvention.  Three days until departure at roughly 1400 EDST.  This will be my second trip, and I think I’m a little better prepared than last year.  There are two boxes of stuff to sell in the flea market taking up precious real estate in my living room.  Hopefully I can make enough money selling my junk that I can afford to buy someone else’s junk.  I just love swapping junk!  The rare occasion when two people can walk away from an even trade, each happy with a new acquisition, is a real treat.

Evidently the new, high-end Kenwood isn’t the only new item for Dayton.  Of course there’s always new stuff but this one could be pretty exciting.  I just checked the FlexRadio website and they’re up to something.  “Game Changer Ahead”…to be revealed May 18.  I took a peek at the Flex mail reflector and found no less than 72 entries regarding Flex’s “Game Changer”.    Whatever will it be–software, hardware, peripheral?  There were a lot of good ideas and suggestions as well as wild-ass guesses.  For now Flex is silent but they’re really building up the hype.  As a proud Flex 5KA owner I’m pretty stoked to find out.  What’s the next toy they’ll come up with that I can’t live without?

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