I finally decided to sit down and record some events of the Dayton Hamvention weekend.  After arriving home I had to take a day to relax after a bit of ham radio overload.  All gear has now been returned to it’s proper home out in the shack.  Amber’s glad to see that the living room floor is returned to a condition where navigation doesn’t require stepping on, over, or around some random piece of ham gear.  I’m fortunate to have a few more days off to relax and recover before heading back to the daily grind.

This was my second year, and I’d like to think I was better prepared for the experience.  I enjoyed the trip a lot but I still didn’t get to see it all.  I did wind up making some money in the flea market, hooking up with friends, and picking up some irresistible finds.  So what does a guy do with a wad of cash at a huge flea market—spend it, of course!

I found an Astron RS-70M (220V) for sale.  It seemed like a good buy at $150 but still my instincts forced me to negotiate.  After a mutual agreement I walked away with two of them for that price and got to borrow his two-wheel cart to haul them off.
How could I possibly turn away two for the price of one?  With no 220V plug-in available to try it out I could’ve gotten gouged.  Fortunately, these Astrons are pretty simple to troubleshoot and repair.  And they’re a lot cheaper than the $389 a piece price tag for a new one.  If I can get them both working I’ll have more trading fodder for next year!

After selling my Yaesu FT-736R I needed to find a radio capable to 2m/440 to go back in the shack.  I was originally wanting a Kenwood TS-2000 because of their HF/VHF/UHF capability in a size small enough that it could be taken mobile.   But there were none to be had in the flea market.  I wasn’t wanting to spend the $1600 for a new one so I was off to find a deal on something.  What I found was a fully assembled and ready-to-go Yaesu FT-897D go box, AKA Field Day Special.
Go box3
I’d seen this one early the first day and had my eye on it.  The fellow had built it to take with him on vacation from his home in Kentucky to their vacation place in Florida.  After construction it was still too big to fit in the car so his wife nixed it.  He claims to have $1800 it it as it sits.  That’s probably pretty close just by my estimation.  I scored this setup for $1350.  The Yaesu FT-897D supposedly has extra filters in it, too.  All the components are properly rack mounted in there with a bunch of goodies.  It even came with all boxes, literature, cables… accounted for.  I’m looking forward to playing with this baby!

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