As mentioned in the preceding post…I have a lot of radio gear to sell.  This is the first installment with just basic pics and description.  I’m hoping to make some local deals to avoid the high shipping costs.  Looking for buyers back home in the Indianapolis area or near my new QTH of Campbellsville, KY.

All the usual caveats of buying used gear apply.  You can see it before you buy and anything is worth what someone is willing to pay…so I may flex on the price to make a deal.  It just depends on the item and whether I’ve got it fully cleaned and tested.  If nothing else, enjoy checking out some stuff!


Yaesu MMB-60 quick release bracket for many older Yaesu radios 10 dollars



Sounds Sweet communications speaker (no longer in production) 40 dollars



ETO Alpha 99 legal limit linear amplifier (not yet fully cleaned and tested) 2000 dollars



Icom V8000 high power 2m FM transceiver (not yet fully cleaned/tested) 100 dollars

no pic yet


Yaesu VX-170 2m FM HT plus all accessories (battery dead, TX only only on low power) 50 dollars



That’s all for now.  Hope you see something interesting.  The best way to contact me is by email (I’m good on  These sales benefit the wife of an SK who was my elmer…I have no personal stake in any of this.  Thanks for taking the time to look.  73 de n9iz

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