The shack is in a state of flux again. It’s just about reached the maximum carrying capacity dictated by the fixed volume of my 8X16 mini barn/radio shack. This seems to happen once or twice a year. Every time I clean it up and get rid of the excess it seems to fill back up with new acquisitions. It’s like there’s a constant mass that must be maintained.

Been away from posting anything for awhile. Work was just too busy and other competing responsibilities vying for my time. Lately, I’ve been living away from home in Kentucky. I left my old job where I’ve been off and on since 1999. Getting mostly settled into the new routine now. Fortunately, I have a rental house down there and a spare room. I’ve turned the rental into a radio gear annex to free up some space back home. Nice to have a spare bedroom and a small table for a work bench.

I have an ever-growing list of items to offer up for sale. I’ve completely dismantled the station of my elmer, Steve W9RO, who is now an SK. His son wanted some of the station but there’s still a lot to sell for his wife. It’s fun to play with some of the stuff and dig through it all. Gives me something to do while I’m away from home! Ultimately, it all must go. A lot of the items are listed on Free Classified Ads. I’ve had pretty good success using them over the years. The shipping is killer on the heavier items, though. I’m going to experiment with just posting pics and descriptions here on my blog page. Maybe some of my friend or local hams will see something they like and we can make a deal. Hopefully, I can also make some connections with the hams down at my new QTH. Going to see if I can get the items listed on their weekly swap net.

Stay tuned for more. Hope to get back into the hobby again. Still lots of fun stuff to do and try. I’ve already make more HF contacts in the last couple months than I’ve had in the last few years. Hoping this jump starts me again and I can make some new friends down here in KY. 73 for now!

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