I just finished making a video that shows the ARD 230A on the bench.  I go over some of the basics about the amp and a little history.  I’m still doing research and will eventually devote a whole page here on the blog site to this rare beast of QRO proportions.  Next step is to start the tear down and order parts.  Hope you all find this informative.

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4 thoughts on “ARD MODEL 230 VIDEO OVERVIEW

  1. Jordi

    Dear Ser.
    right now I’m with a project like yours .
    I purchased a ARD- 230c
    So far what I have completely disassembled .
    Good you like I send you the pictures.
    Thanks alot
    Jordi EA3PT

    • Jordi, glad to hear of another ARD owner out there. I’m glad to have one and looking forward to fixing the little problems and using it on the air. It’s very well made, but mine is just a little worn out. Hope you have success and and find the info useful. Check back from time to time for updates. Thanks.

  2. Hi Bruce W7PK here
    there is one on QRZ I am purchasing this week
    at least I think I have my name on it
    it is the advanced radio device 230ca with 3x 3cx800’s
    I am looking for as much information as I can get as it’s condition is unknown at this point.

    I hope to have it on my bench come 1/1/15.

    I have this page bookmarked and will let you know when it arrives

    thanks for the video and looking forward to more QSO


  3. Hi Bruce. glad you like the webpage. My research indicates that the Model 230C (three tube model you’re intending to purchase) was very rare. The original owner of the company told me that he doesn’t believe they sold over 25 of them! Hope it comes to you in great shape. I finally have all the parts to start rebuilding the power supply on this one. Should be about ready to fire it up soon. Keep me posted on yours. I might be able to help with a manual if it doesn’t come with one. 73.


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