Dayton 2013
Dayton Hamvention 2013 is now a memory for the mental log book.  Only a matter of weeks has passed since the annual pilgrimage of hams, tech geeks, and wearers of tin-foil hats to a wonderous, though aged and smelly, facility named Hara Arena.  We battled some rain, we battled some hot sun, and even a bout of Dayton Flu.  We must’ve picked it up from some crotchety old geezer pawing our stuff only to complain that he could buy it brand new for a mere $300 more.  With the exception of feeling like crap by Sunday it was a nice trip.  We sold most of our wares and made enough money to pay for expenses.  Even in a weakened condition we managed to enjoy some excellent dining and cold beverages.

Some highlights

I found a Baofeng UV-5RA dual hand HT complete with drop-in charger, earpiece mic, and USB programming cable for $46.   That was a deal too tempting to resist even though I have a perfectly usable Yausu VX-7.

Bob Heil personally signed my copy of his Heil Ham Radio Handbook second edition.

HHH sig

I met Tommy Martin N5ZNO, one of the hosts of AmateurLogic.tv.  He was very friendly and personable.
Tommy M

The new IC-7100 was on display in the Icom booth.  I really want one of these when they’re cleared by the FCC.  The touch screen worked better than I’d anticipated.

By Sunday the Dayton Flu had weakened us to the point that even sleeping in and a big Waffle House breakfast couldn’t overcome.  We returned early back to Hoosierland with some goodies in our bags and lots of stories.  I already can’t wait for next year!

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One thought on “HAMVENTION RECAP

  1. On Saturday I felt like dirt. I just cannot believe that I caught the flu or something while I was there. It totally ruined the trip for me. I wanted to look around so much more, but when your ill you just want to sit and try to feel human. I didn’t feel well until like Tuesday night, about 4 days later! I had the week off and all I did was sleep because I felt so lousy.

    I did have some fun when I wasn’t battling the flu or whatever I had though. Drinking the “Rye of the Tiger IPA” with you guys and shooting the breeze was fun. We also had some great meals (I especially like the Mexican place – El Toro I think it was called). I did get to meet with Bob Heil and he also signed my book and even posed for a photo with me which was cool. What a nice guy he is. I saw Gordo and even George Thomas, but they were to busy for me to meet with. I also saw good ‘ol Martin Jue from MFJ as he walked right in front of our flea market space. I waved and said “Hi” but wish I could have met him and spoke with him some. He is a really interesting guy (there was a great interview that George Thomas did on AmateurLogic.tv with Martin Jue, if you haven’t seen it look it up on YouTube).

    I love the hobby and had some fun, I just wish the sickness didn’t ruin it all. Looking forward to Field Day and not being ill!

    73 de Nick N9SJA

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