Only days remain until the largest ham radio convention, flea market, commercial display in the nation begins.  Yes, it’s once again time for the annual Dayton Hamvention.  The event formally begins Friday, May 17 this year.  There are actually several groups that are starting their get together a day ahead of time like the ARCI QRP group’s Four Days in May.

I’ll once again be attending with friends Nick N9SJA, Dave KF9IZ, and Craig KB9JDW.  Nick and Craig have been going for over ten years now.  Dave and I just started tagging along a couple years ago.  It’s now turned into something of a tradition for us.  Unfortunately, Craig will have to catch up with us a day late do to work responsibilities, but he’s still planning to meet up with us when he can.

Each year we hope to sell enough stuff in the flea market to pay for our trip.  And since we cleaned out room in the shack, it must be filled with new gear to take it’s place.  Who really needs an excuse to stimulate the economy with the purchase of cool ham stuff!  We pull out in the Mighty Ford on Thursday afternoon.  Come and visit us in the flea market.  We’ll be in section F, spaces 521, 522.  In the past we’ve seen local friends stop in for a chat.  Namely, Tabb W9TTW, Bobby KP4CI, and his son Michael KC9MOD.  Weather forecast only looking so-so, but spirits are still high.

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One thought on “DAYTON BOUND

  1. Nick

    Looks like we are going to get some possible thunderstorms in Dayton on Thursday, but Friday looks good (thank the Lord).

    Dayton sucks when it rains this time of year. Everyone in the flea market area has to cover up so that their wares don’t get wet, so it’s hard to see anything. Usually if it rains it is also quite chilly (like in the low 50s), so let’s hope it is sunny and nice!
    3 days left! It’s going to be a fun trip! 73 and see you soon OM. 73 de Nick N9SJA

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