Came home today to an empty house…so out to the workshop I went.  It’s been a couple weeks since I started working on the used Hamvention Astrons.  I decided to start with the one that looked best on the inside.  Ironically, it’s the one that was dirtiest on the outside.  I put everything back together and checked to make sure that all electrical connections were made.  After searching the the junk box I found an appropriate plug for the 240 VAC required to operate this power supply.  Plug it in and flip the circuit breaker….

I was ready for anything.  Amber had just bought me a fire extinguisher for the shack so I figured I should have that ready, just in case.  I was met with popped fuse after I hit the switch.  I did notice that before fuse popping there was movement on the meter.  Not to be outdone, I had to up the ante.  Into the drawer for a bigger fuse.  The six amp fuse didn’t do it but the fifteen amp fuse held for me.  I let it run unloaded for over an hour and it never moved from 13.56 VDC.  Not bad for a start.  Next task is to experiment with it by loading it up some.  Hoping it holds up to some pressure.  I need to get some old car sealed beam headlights and wire them up in parallel for my test fixture. This seems like the easiest way to make a test load.  If all goes well I want to make one of these my primary shack power supply.  Should be all the power I could ever need!

Astron operating

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One thought on “POWER UP!

  1. Very nice. Those are such mondo supplies you will have all the DC power you need for anything! I would think that might be a better idea to have than all these small switching supplies. Hope to see you soon. My best to Amber and the rug rats! 😉 73! de Nick N9SJA

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