I finally have the Astron RS-70M power supplies on the bench.  They are both the 220 V model.  I’m not sure if maybe it’s targeted for export or what.  In a previous post I mentioned buying them from a seller at Dayton.  How can you resist two for the price of one?  They were pretty clean on the outside but when I popped the top…damn!  I’m in the process of cleaning out the innards and surveying the components for anything that needs replacement…and removing all the funk.

So far I’ve found a 10 gauge ground wire that’s corroded and shot.  There also seem to be a couple small electrolytics that are bulged.  The larger filter caps look fine, though.  I’ll probably start with the one that looks the best and try it out.  I’ll just have to wire the appropriate plug on it for my 220 V socket.

If I get really motivated maybe I’ll load it up with automobile headlights and monitor for any voltage issues.  Probably be good to thoroughly check it out before I rely on it for my shack uses.  It might also be neat to hook it up to an oscilloscope to check for any ripple in the DC output.  I have a couple shots of the dirty beasts for your viewing pleasure.



As I’ve been inspecting it I also noticed that the transformer primary is four-wire.  It’s center tapped to neutral to power the 120 V fan.  I think I could wire the primary in parallel instead of series and use it for 120 V instead (with higher rated fuses).  220 V pulls less current but I have many more outlets for 120 V.  I just hope nothing is fried when I flip the red switch!

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