Last Sunday was a great day for a hamfest.  I don’t think the weather was much over 75 degrees the whole time.  Local ham buddy Darrin (n9jpi) drove us up to the event.  We were in search of new/used shack goodies for his current shack update project.  After several years of being inactive, the bug has bit again.  How could I resist an invite to tag along on a hamfest recon and gathering adventure.

Although I didn’t need anything I brought along a customary $100 just in case.  I did turn up a neat  vacuum tube voltmeter.  Heathkit VTVM model IM-5228.  I does all the customary functions as modern DMMs but it also has an RF volt meter, too.  It should be useful for the many boatanchors in the shack.  It also has a HUGE analog meter movement–retro cool!  I still have to do some checking on it to see how good it is and also locate a manual and a couple missing knobs.  Google should help with this.

Darrin ended up some discount goodies, too.  The used military VHF vertical salvaged from a dumpster for $10 was a real score.  He had it playing up in the windmill that afternoon.  A B&W coax switch and some random antenna insulators and rope rounded out the finds.  Also a lead on a free tribander with mast and rotor…just some time to help take it down.  Best of all it was from a former high school sports rival back in the ’80s.  It’s great to run into old friends.

I had a good time visiting with some friend, too, but I’ll stop short of calling them “old”.  It was good to see everyone out enjoying the day.  Let’s see if I can remember everyone:  Crockett (wa9zce), Terry (wx9d), Rick (kc9rmt), Frankfort Nick (kc9prh), Bobby (kp4ci), Charlie (n9qa), Bob (k9foh).  I hope I didn’t forget anyone…it’s been a couple days.  Until next time, regards.

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  1. Too bad I missed the Lafayette Fest. I usually go but not this year, just too busy. It would have been good to see the guys.

    I love the old Heathkit meter. The HUGE meter is heller retro-cool.

    It’s been a while since I could get to the radio with everything going on, but it is starting to break a bit with me. Ill have to give you a buzz and hangout again sometime.

    73! de Nick N9SJA

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