Summertime seems to be a busy time for me.  As much as I’d like to get on the radio and work some exotic DX, the time often escapes me.  Here lately we’ve been busy with Cub Scouts and 4H.  I also worked through summer shutdown at the plant.  Since I’m working in maintenance this is a mandatory part of the work schedule.  The items worth blogging about seem to come along rarely when I’m not on the radio much.

I was listening to Pandora radio the other night and hear a song by the Foo Fighters.  It’s not the song that got my attention but the cover art for the album.  Clever artistic ability to turn a vacuum tube into a bomb.  I have no idea what type of tube it may be, but I like old tubes–whether they’re in ham rigs or guitar amps.  Since I have no artistic bone in my body just admire the creations of others.


Lafayette Nick (N9SJA) got us some tickets to the Brickyard 400.  I haven’t been in years and Amber and I are big fans of NASCAR racing.  It was a lot of fun to spend the day out at the track.  Since I don’t own a scanner I just programmed in some of the drivers’ radio frequencies into my Yaesu VX-7R.  It was really loud with the rumble of high-octane V8’s roaring around the speedway.  Fortunately  I was able to monitor some of the drivers communicating with spotters and their crew during the pit stops.  The VX-7R is quite a versatile radio!

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