This past weekend was the ARRL June V/UHF QSO Party.  I’ve gotten on and played in the past but hadn’t planned to try this year.  Thanks to my group leader at work wanting to go home early on Saturday night, we all got to go home early.  Bonus!  I was able to pull out one QSO on 2m SSB Saturday evening before heading in the house to watch some movies.  Sometimes it’s all about the small victories since I’m not a hard core weak signal guy.

After watching the NASCAR race Sunday afternoon I found myself with nothing better to do.  Unfortunately, 144 MHz seemed pretty dead–even with a 13b2 Cushcraft to pull out the signals.  So, instead, I dialed up the Flex to 6m and it was on fire.  In a short time I was hearing many western and mountain states.  I was able to rack up a bunch of grid squares in no time.  I even persuaded Amber (KC9TAH) to get on the air with me and make some contacts.  We just took turns at the mic and worked up and down the band.  We even made some comments on the local 2m repeater in case anyone else was interested in playing the game.

6m map

Above is a Google Earth map that show my location and the path to all the stations we worked.  The Ham Radio Deluxe Logger program will allow you to export the callsigns in your log and display them on the Google Earth map.  It’s a neat little feature that gives you a visual aspect to the imaginary lines in which radio waves travel.

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One thought on “SUMMER Es AND TROPO…I HOPE

  1. Great post. Yep, 6m was hoppin’! I had a great time making contacts on that band. 6m was open until after 11 when I made a few more contacts before heading off to sleep. Thanks for the call and the heads up the 6m was open. I had a blast!

    73 de Nick N9SJA

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