Gary Pearce (KN4AQ) of Amateur Radio Video News has started doing a new video podcast show.  He’s been doing the ARVN videos for quite some time and has now branched out a bit.  Some will remember him as the quriky fill-in host for Bob Heil’s Ham Nation program on the TWiT network.  I’m a regular viewer of Ham Nation and also enjoy some of the other programs on TWiT.

Gary’s new program is called Ham Radio Now.  So far I’ve watched up through Episode 5.  As with most webcasting, some shows are better than others.  At this point it’s really just a one-man operation, and not necessarily a full-time proposition at that.  Probably the best show was Episode 2 that was a compilation of interviews from the Orlando Hamcation.

At this point all the videos are hosted on Youtube.  Gary plans to upgrade to a true podcast format in the future what will allow for direct downloads and RSS feeds.  For now Youtube is free and easy.  As long as you can stream the video it looks just fine.  If you have some free time and the bands are dead I recommend taking a look.

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