I checked the log the other day and realized it’s been about two months or so since getting on the air.  Well, I decided to remedy that real quick with some digimode fun.  Before doing that, though, I decided to run some updates.  So far I’ve updated PowerSDR, VAC, and Ham Radio Deluxe.  The VAC is a slick little program that passes all the audio I/O from the Flex to the computer via the same firewire cable that’s used by PowerSDR.  It sure simplifies the whole concept of rig interfacing.  Everything is passed on one cable with no need for a hardware interface at all.

While I was at it I updated a program called DDUtil.  It act as the exclusive client for all COM port communication to and from the radio.  This simplifies operating the Flex since it sees only one COM port and the DDUtil acts as traffic cop.  It also allows me to run multiple programs (whether digimode or logging, etc.) simultaneously.  As an example I could run N1MM contest logger at the same time as my HRD general logging program is open or maybe DM780, Easypal, and WSJT all at once.  I use vspMgr to setup virtual COM port pairs.  One end goes the software and the other to DDUtil.

If this sounds like a lot of computing, you’re right.  Fortunately a lot of it only requires setup one time and it runs in the background.  Once it’s all configured there is so much flexibility in the system.  One of the nice things about the SDR concept is that you’re constantly getting new features and options with each upgrade.  I learn something new every time I use the Flex.

I took a screen shot of my desktop with the new PowerSDR up and running with the DM780 waterfall beneath it and the Wavenode  program on the right.


You’ll see that I’m watching several data streams on psk31.  I’ve been using the Flex to make several digimode contacts here lately.  I think I even picked up a new country.  Lots of fun to work DX with only 30W.  All for now.

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