I’ve been in an old radio mode here lately.  I was born too late to really enjoy the old stuff when it was in prime use.  I guess watching those videos on regen receivers a few weeks ago must’ve done it.  So far I’m enjoying working on the old crystal set.  Even if it’s nothing more than a conversation piece for the shack.  I’ll be curious to see if I can pick anything up on it when it’s all back together.  After that I think I’ll attempt to build some variety of regen receiver for the 80 or 40 band.  Nick and I are looking into some plans for that and it appears that it can be done pretty cheaply.  I guess there’s also various levels of complexity depending on how well you want it to perform.

This week when I got my Youtube subscription I saw that MIKROWAVE1 (the regen guy) had some new videos.  I’m glad that I decided to subscribe to his channel!  He put together a five-part series on the ARC-5 transmitter series.  I’ve heard of them, but didn’t know too much about them being licensed only in the last ten years.  I guess these were quite available on the surplus market back in the day and were prime picks for new hams.  This fellow seems to be somewhat of an authority on these critters and goes into some detail on how they operate, the differences in army and navy versions, and some tips to put back them on the air.  And, like before, he does just that for our viewing pleasure.  You have to wait all the way until Part five, though.

It’s ironic that I feel like retro man with all the money I’ve sunk into the Flex-5000 and the Hexbeam setup.  I really like these modern advances, and the digital modes are great fun.  It’s such a convenience to be able to just fire up the station and go to it.  But, when I’m not in a hurry, and I’m not in the pileup fighting to work the DX, twiddling the knobs and warming up the old tubes sure is fun.  It just feels like REAL RADIO!

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One thought on “ARC-5

  1. Nicholas Hyer

    I enjoy the tinkering factor. It’s always fun to play with something new, or rediscovered. I totally agree, the knob twisting and tinkering of yesteryear feels like real old radio and it can be fun and frustrating at the same time. Nice article, well said my friend!

    73! de Nick N9SJA

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