The old year is behind us and the new year is now upon us.  I don’t believe in making resolutions but there are many things I hope to accomplish in 2012.  Among them is more ham radio fun.  Seems I never have enough time but I hope to be able to make more time this year for ham radio.

I’ve made a little progress on the crystal set.  All of the pieces are removed from the board and ready to be cleaned.  I’m going to clean up all the wood with Murphy’s Oil Soap.  After that I’ll probably give it a light sanding and some new stain and sealer.  Since it’s not exactly a collector’s piece I’ll just do whatever I want with it.  I want to freshen up the looks of the radio and keep the period look to it.  I have some nice pieces of magnet wire and I’ll order some farnstock clips for the missing connections.  It also looks like I’ll need to get a 47k ohm resistor and a crystal earphone.  Assuming my crystal is still good that should put it back to original condition.

With a lot of help from Nick, N9SJA, I was able to construct a new server over New Year’s Eve.  We used an older IBM server with dual Xeon dual core processors and 10,000 RPM four-disk RAID 5 array.  It has 3 GB of memory which I may upgrade in the future.  As it is right now, it’s pretty beefy.  This machine will be able to host my LAMP server for this website and also act as a perimeter firewall and handle routing for my home network.   I also took the step of purchasing my own domain.  That will be nicer that the long URL used now to get here to the blog.  I’m really looking forward to getting the new server online later this month.

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