Since I’ve been out of the shack for awhile I needed to get my ham radio fix.  So where does one go after reading QST for the third time, leafing through each random catalog on the shelf, and answering all the email in the inbox?  To the magical, ever changing world of Youtube, of course.  I can occupy myself easily for an hour searching for radio stuff and watching videos.  Somehow I came across a video explaining all about regenerative receivers.  Their really old-school and seem to be pretty easy to construct.  Maybe one step ahead of a crystal set.  I thought the video was interesting so I decided to check out the guy’s channel.

Turns out he has several videos on regens.  Some are basic to start with and then he goes over mods and improvements to the design.  They’re actually quite sensitive and have good sound.  This guys actually puts them to use on the air doing some retro QRP work with a two watt tube transmitter.  I think it’s pretty neat that he builds them and uses them rather that just for the novelty of have one around.  He has some other interesting stuff on radios and radio gear.  Other than he talks real soft and quiet I think he does a good job of showing and explaining what’s going on.  Maybe some of you’ll enjoy these videos, too.


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2 thoughts on “REGENS IN USE

  1. I just checked out a few of these vids on regen receivers. Pretty cool! I think it would be cool to build one as well. Finding parts should be easy enough. I guess I better clean off my workbench! Thanks for the cool info!

    73! de Nick N9SJA

    • n9iz

      I need to clean off the workbench, too. Need to start working on one of my receivers to pair up with the DX-60A.

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