Today I attended an SK estate sale of ham items from Herman Huffman.  His callsign was KE9YZ.  There were a variety of items available as he’d been involved in ham radio and MARS for many years.  I got to visit with his daughter a bit and recall some stories about Herman.  It was also a chance to visit with some other ham friends from the community.

I selected a couple interesting items to purchase.  The first is an auto tuner made by LDG Electronics.  I’d originally thought it was an AT-200 Pro.  However it turned out to be a similar, but discontinued, model called the AT-200 PC.  It’s made to be totally operated by PC interface using DB9 serial port or USB adapter.  The tuner appeared to be new in box and included all manner of cables and even the packing slip.  I think It might work out nice for a computer controlled station as many people use these days.  I’ll have to check if it’s compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe.  Most of my antennas are resonant these days but you never know when a spare tuner will come in handy.  If it will operate in a full automatic mode it may be neat to build a water tight enclosure and use it at the base of a vertical or something.

The other item I purchased is a Heathkit SB-1400 transceiver.  It came with the matching power supply with built-in speaker and microphone.  I also scored the instruction manual, too.  This is nice since the manuals are no longer freely available on the web.  I hope it works as it would make a great backup, Field Day, or starter rig.  From my research it appears to be nearly identical to the Yaesu FT-747, or maybe even a bit better.  It’s all solid state and appear to be very simple and easy to operate.  I believe this radio was released near the end of Heathkit’s production and was never offered as as kit as were other models (like my DX-60A).

Maybe some pics and video in the future  as I get this stuff cleaned up and evaluated.  I hope it all works!

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