One of the perils of using modern technology is you have to deal with it when it goes down.  Last week someone cut Frontier Communication’s (my ISP) fiber optic trunk that serves pretty much the whole state of Indiana.  That led to about twenty-four or more hours without service for me and other Frontier customers.  Once it was finally restored a day or so later I found that I still didn’t have any internet connection.  For some reason it whacked out my whole network setup and my wired computers were just sitting there confused.  It took me a little while to figure out that the wifi computers were working.  So far one out of four phone support techs have had a clue how to troubleshoot a system.  They finally just decided to replace my modem.

The replacement modem is a totally different style that appears to be incompatible with my network, argh!  Since it used the same IP address as my router they had to change my my routers’s IP address.  This meant I had to change all the static IP’s of the computers I was using on that network.  It also screwed up my port forwarding for remote access and the webserver.  Then the router wasn’t getting the right IP.  It was trying to forward the modem’s IP instead of the ISP’s and forwarding it on to the DNS service.  Nothing was getting to the server.

I managed to find a super old DSL modem I had extra and put it back in the system so I could get things working again on the blog.  Fortunately one of the Frontier service techs live here in town.  I know him and his family pretty well.  I actually have a direct line to his desk at the phone company.  He’s going to hook me up with a better modem that should fit my needs.  Handy guy to know.  The life of a part time computer hack is filled with bouts of  frustration and disappointment and random cases of success!

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