It’s a dreary Sunday morning today here in Indiana.  I finally got around to hooking up the hamfest special HG-10 to the DX-60A.  For once I think I may have hit upon radio success on my first attempt.  The $40 VFO seems to be working just fine.  I haven’t even attempted to clean it up or check the tubes yet.  I just decided to plug it in and hope for the best.  I’ll still need to order a copy of the manual since Heathkit manuals are no longer freely available on the web.  Darn copyright laws!  I suppose it could use some tweaking and adjustment…and also a good cleaning.  Here’s a shot of the transmitter and VFO on the workbench.


I haven’t hooked it up to a microphone yet to check it out on AM but I have a D-104 that should go nicely with it, though.  Now I’ll have to work on one of my receivers so I can pair them up as a boatanchor station.  I did monitor my power output into a dummy load using the graphical display from my WaveNode WN-2 meter.  I keyed it up with my trusty old J-38 and seem to be getting normal output.  Not exactly enough power to be East Coast Control like Joel, but maybe good enough for a few QSO’s.


Just for fun I decided to tune in the output on the Flex-5000.  I wanted to see how far off the  VFO analog display is from the actual freq.  Well, I figured out the reason those old radios have a Spot function for getting the XMTR and RCVR in synch.  It’s not exactly dead-on like the new stuff!  Fortunately with the 96 KHZ display on the PowerSDR I quickly found the signal and was able to tune it in.


I’m glad to be free from the crystal now and able to move freely across the bands.  I think this is probably a decent investment given the cost of crystals for any frequency one may want to try to operate.  It may be a long cold winter so I should have plenty of projects in the shack.

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3 thoughts on “TESTING THE NEW VFO

  1. Nicholas Hyer

    Nice! Wow those two really look good together even if you haven’t cleaned up the VFO yet! Very nice! Thanks for sharing and I always like to check out the N9IZ blog!

    -73! de Nick N9SJA

  2. Harley Patterson

    Wow! Jeff, you sure have some classics! Hope all is well, pop in vhf 146.500 once in awhile, so many silent keys in the past few years, not many left. Once a year I go camping not far from your place in Ky. 40 meters mobile. I buy a lot of chicken across the street of your Thorntown place. Take care my friend, Harley kc9gld.

    • Good to hear from you, Harley. Hope all is well. I’m back home from KY now. Ya, not may of the Boone Co. 146.500 local crew left. I miss everyone. Had some car repair and need to get the 2m antenna back on the car. Glad you like the post. I got into classic rigs for awhile and still have a lot. Work keeps me away from ham radio most of the time. All the best.


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