Most of my radio-related activities take place on the weekend. I find that the kids’ sports and Cub Scouts and homework pretty well keeps me occupied through the work week.  Because of this I search the internet for various sites, links, youtube videos, etc. I can peruse in small tidbits over various sittings as I have time.  I’d like to share a few of my favorites in case anyone else might be interested.

Amateur Logic is one that I’ve been watching the longest.  These fellows from Mississippi as well as a ham from Australia have been making videos for several years and cover various aspects of the hobby.  Some episodes have better segments than others but there’s usually something of interested in there.  The last three or four have been really good.  I particularly liked the episode with a segment on a middle school high altitude balloon launch and also the most recent one with a segment on a homebrew regenerative tube receiver.  Episodes usually come out every month or so and are now available for download in an HD format.

Bill Meara N2CQR has a nice blog site called SolderSmoke.  It covers a lot of homebrew, QRP, and also astronomy.  In addition to the blog he also releases a podcast about once a month.  At first I found it a little dry but it seems to be addictive as I’ve been listening now for almost a year.  He also published an interesting book call SolderSmoke — Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics in which he explores various aspects of amateur radio and reveals his roots in the hobby and how it has followed him in his career path as a foreign diplomat.  I enjoyed the book and read it very quickly.  It really makes you want to build and understand electronics.

My last outlet for weekly internet entertainment is Ham Nation on the TWiT Netcast network.  This weekly show has only been out for about six months but is quite entertaining.  The format and content has improved since the first several episodes.  The main hosts are Bob Heil and Gordon West who’s ham radio credentials speak for themselves.  They normally have a theme of some sort and often include interviews with notable hams and a lot of friendly banter.  Episodes are streamed live on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 PM CST.  I typically download the video a couple days later so I can watch when I find the time.

So when you can’t get into the shack to get your ham radio fix I hope can find a computer with broadband access and maybe check into some cool content.

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  1. Jeff, I really like the Solder Smoke blog as well. I check it out usually once per day just as I do with your blog! 🙂

    I also like YouTube and watch a lot of Amateur Radio vids there.

    I also like and for cool electronics stuff.

    Is it OK for me to link to your blog from mine? I am building a section that will have links to other sites I like. Kind of a N9SJA recommended section! Anyway. Let me know… Great blog! 73! de Nick N9SJA

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