After my ham sojourn to New Jersey a couple years ago I arrived home with a nice, clean Heathkit DX-60A (among other nice bits and treasures of ham gear).  With only minor amounts of troubleshooting and small repairs I was able to get it operating into a dummy load with good output.  As a testament to my success in this endeavor I made a little youtube video of me testing it out.  Here it is if you didn’t see it.

Ok, well it’s a little dry but I sure was happy to get it going.  The only problem is that it’s crystal controlled and the only crystal I have is for 7290 KHZ.  What I really need is a VFO.  I contemplated converting a Viking VFO I already have but that would make it hard to use with the Viking transmitter it goes with.  I also thought about building one from a kit using moder DDS techniques.  That would be super stable and reliable–also a lot of fun.  But alas I have very little time for ham radio as it is and kit building takes time and patience.  So, as Nick and I are trolling the Ft Wayne hamfest what do I see but a stack of three Heathkit HG-10’s on a table.   I bought the cleanest one with least dents and scratches.  So now to the I guess it’s time to pop the top and and give her a look-see.  Then maybe I can find out it it’s really “in working order” as it was advertised.  Time will tell.

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